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Boost The Effectiveness of Your Employees and Deliver Even More Value, More Quickly, With Fewer Headaches

Scott Watson

Scott Watson is a noted authority on developing top-quality leaders and managers.

For 15 years he has trained, coached and consulted with corporate leaders in a multitude of industry sectors including logistics, healthcare, education, financial serves, travel and charities.


Scott is author of the book ‘Win Every Time – Essential Lessons For Existing And Emerging Leaders‘ and a popular media commentator for broadcast and print media in the UK.

In addition to his work as a corporate leadership educator and author, Scott presents to a growing audience of aspiring Human Resources professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs at UK universities.

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EI Keynotes

Emotional Intelligence Keynote Presentations

Unlike anything you’ll hear in the Emotional Intelligence mainstream, our thought-provoking keynote presentations cut through all the theory and rhetoric about what it takes to achieve the kinds of outcomes you value the most.


But It’ll Never Work – Or Will It?
Learn how one company freed themselves from limiting, self-defeating beliefs and generated £8.2 million income in 20 dayssimply by developing emotionally intelligent customer service staff.
In this thought-provoking keynote presentation you will discover how to connect with your existing and potential customers authentically, collaboratively and win more business and trust by putting their needs and wants ahead of those of your organisation.
Only book this keynote presentation if you want your employees toopen their eyes to new ways of thinking, communicating and collaborating across your organisation so performance is boosted and wasteful practices eradicated.
When applied, the home-truths learned during this presentation, bring a sense of reality to the phrase ‘The sky’s the limit’.

When you are involved in a high trust relationship, you just know it, right?  And when you are involved in a low trust relationship, you absolutely know it, right?


This hands-on keynote presentation explores not just how and why to develop high trust relationships within your organisation, with customers and the market, it shows you what to do, and how to do it, when things go wrong.  And sometimes, they do go wrong!


The true measure of a leader or a team is how they choose to respond when things go badly wrong.  This enticing keynote presentation will empower you with new choices and proven, easy to use skills you can apply immediately to boost trust, collaboration and performance.


Each keynote presentation contains an abundance of practical and easy to use advice you’ll hear about banishing the everyday problems you currently face and maximise your personal and management effectiveness.

If You Don’t Learn To Swim, You’ll Sink – Simple!

Developing employees who don’t point the finger of blame at others when things go wrong is a fantastic value creator.


Developing employees, at all levels, who are happy and open to accepting full responsibility for their communication, behaviour, actions and decisions (and indecision) can literally transform how your organisation operates and performs.


This 60-minute keynote masterclass will change how you, and your colleagues, think about responsibility and ‘Response-Ability’.  When you apply for 10 consecutive days the skills and principles you will learn during this presentation, expect significant and positive change.

Bouncing-Back-Ability – You Need It!

At some point, perhaps even today, your organisation and its people are going to hit rock bottom.


Excuse me for sharing this news with you but it’s true.  Whether the economy has taken its toll on your profits, or government policy changes mean you can no longer run your hospital as you have until now, obstacles will be encountered.


But it’s not what happens to us that is most important.  It’s how we choose to respond to what happens to us that matters most.  And that’s completely in our control.  Only book this keynote presentation if you want to develop emotionally resilient and realistically optimistic employees.



What Clients Say

Find out what clients say about the results they achieved following our expert Emotional Intelligence input.

Mark Elliott, Director, the Digital City

Robert Lee, RBS

Jacqueline Glazerman, Caxton College

Booking any old EI ‘Speaker’ could be a BIG mistake. Why not speak with the acknowledged experts on 0845 052 3701

LearnDirectI appointed Scott Watson to design and deliver a programme of leadership development for all middle managers across the whole business.  The feedback from each event was simply fantastic, and those who didn’t think they could learn any more about leadership were frequently the most excited about taking their learning back to the workplace.

Dianne Williamson

HR Director, Learndirect

UofHScott Watson clearly understands how managers actually learn to improve.  His material and arguments are robust and well researched, but easy to appreciate and easy to understand.

John Thompson

Professor of Entrepreneurship, the University of Huddersfield

BandBMy own very high expectations of Scott and Dirk have been exceeded and the outcomes achieved by the project team have been outstanding.

They are unique in his approach and ethical in terms of committing to achieve measurable improvements in performance.  A refreshing change from many other training companies who shy away from remaining accountable.

Richard Clark

Operations Director, Customer Relations & Direct, Bradford & Bingley plc

DHL-2The delivery of the leadership programme was superb.  There were many ‘a-ha’ moments and participants left the event knowing a lot more about their own behaviours, some of which had been standing in the way of their elevated performance in the past.

Basil Al Azem

Regional HR Director, EEMEA, DHL Express



Emotional Intelligence Workshops for groups of leaders, managers and teams can be a fantastic way to equip your people to consistently perform at, or very near their best.


Hands-on, brains-on, relevant and thought provoking, whether you choose a full day, half day or 90 minute Espresso Session, you will benefit greatly from involving yourself and your colleagues in a worthwhile, meaningful and enjoyable learning with Emotional Intelligence expert, Scott Watson.


Whether you want your leaders to lead by example, your managers to engage, enable and equip their teams to transform their effectiveness, or your sales and customer service teams to communicate and collaborate far more effectively, Scott Watson will bring his extensive knowledge and expertise to you and your colleagues.

Why not contact Scott Watson now by calling 0845 052 3701 or emailing him using the Contact Form below?




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